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Product Types: 95 Bright 14pt Gloss C2S Stock Tent Card Printing with AQ
Colour : Printed full colour 1 side (4/0)
Quantities: Range from 100 to 10,000
Sizes available include: 4 x6.25(4 x 16.5), 5 x 5.5 (5 x 16.5)
Finishing: Score, slit, trim and box. Shipped flat.
Turnaround: 4-5 Business Days

Cutoff time is 11:00 (AM) Eastern Standard Time

We design and print tent cards for your business at affordable prices. Table Tent Cards are great for restaurants, bars or any other industry. Our tent cards are printed full color on a thick 14pt cardstock.

What are tent cards used for?

Tent cards, also known as table tents or table cards, serve a variety of purposes in business and hospitality settings. One common use is in marketing and promotion, particularly in restaurants, hotels, and event venues, where they effectively showcase special offers, menu items, promotions, or upcoming events. In addition, these folded cards are widely utilized at conferences, seminars, or trade shows to display essential information like schedules, speaker details, or sponsor logos, providing attendees with easily visible and accessible information.

Moreover, tent cards find application in organizing seating arrangements by reserving specific tables for guests in restaurants or event spaces. They also play a role in business presentations, where they display the names and titles of participants, especially beneficial in large meetings or conferences where familiarity may be a challenge. Furthermore, retailers leverage tent cards to highlight specific products or provide additional information about merchandise on display, contributing to visually appealing product displays.

In educational settings or training sessions, tent cards become useful instructional materials, displaying instructions, key points, or reference materials. Additionally, businesses use these cards strategically to reinforce brand identity by placing branded tent cards on reception desks, check-in counters, or conference tables, creating a consistent and professional appearance. Overall, the versatility of tent cards makes them effective tools for communication and promotion in various settings, offering a visible and easily changeable platform for information and branding.

What size are tent cards for restaurants?

Tent cards for restaurants typically come in a standard size of 4 inches by 6 inches when flat. When folded, they create a tent-like structure that stands upright on a table or counter. This size provides enough space for displaying information, such as menu specials, promotions, or reserved table details, while remaining compact and easily noticeable on dining tables. It's important for restaurants to consider the available space on their tables and the amount of information they want to convey when choosing the size of tent cards.

We take pride in bringing your vision to life through our meticulously crafted tent cards. As you explore the vibrant possibilities showcased on these cards, envision the impact they can have on your business or event. From promotional highlights to table reservations, our tent cards are designed to captivate and inform. Raise your brand presence with our premium printing services, and let Zoom Printing be your partner in making a lasting impression. We are committed to excellence in every detail, ensuring that your message stands out with clarity and style. Thank you for choosing Zoom Printing – where your vision meets our commitment to quality.

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