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Product Types: 16pt Extra Thick Premium Slim/Small/Mini Business Cards Stock With UV High Gloss Finish and 16pt Extra Thick Matte Finish.
Color: Printed full color 1 side (4/0) or 2 sided (4/4) CMYK
Quantities: Ranges from 100 to 25,000
Finished size available: 2.5"x2.5", 1.5"x3.5", 1.75"x3.5", 2"x2", 2"x3"
Finishing: Cut to size and box.
Quality: 2400 DPI, 300 LPI
Turnaround: 3-4 Business Days (See FAQ for Turnaround).
Accepted File Type: PDF


Cutoff time is 11:00 (AM) Eastern Standard Time

Slim business cards print are different from our standard business card size as they are small in size from the standard version. Designed to make a bold impression while standing out from the crowd. These unique and modern cards are perfectly sized to fit effortlessly into wallets, cardholders, and pockets, ensuring your contact information is readily available whenever an opportunity arises.  These custom mini business cards are the new trend for promoting a business. 

What size is a mini business card?

A mini business card typically measures 1.75 inches by 3.5 inches, offering a compact and unique format for memorable branding. Additionally, sizes like 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches and 2 inches by 3 inches provide alternative dimensions, allowing for creative and standout designs. These non-traditional sizes can make your business cards visually distinct, but it's essential to carefully plan the layout to ensure key information remains clear and easily readable within the specified dimensions.

Let us explore the features of our Slim Business Cards:

Our Slim Business Cards break away from the traditional rectangular shape, offering a narrower and elongated design. With dimensions starting at 1.5" x 3.5", these cards exude a contemporary and eye-catching aesthetic.  The slim profile of these cards adds a touch of sophistication and modernity to your branding. Their sleek and elegant look is well-suited for individuals and businesses seeking a minimalist and stylish presentation and the slim format encourages creative and impactful design choices.

Designed with practicality in mind, their compact size makes them highly portable, allowing you to easily carry and distribute them at networking events, conferences, or casual encounters. The unconventional size of Slim Business Cards provides an opportunity for your brand to make a memorable impression.

Their unique dimensions instantly differentiate you from standard-sized cards and make recipients take notice. You can use this distinctive canvas to showcase creative designs, vibrant colors, or striking visuals that reflect your brand's personality.

Make a statement and leave a lasting impression with our distinctive Slim Business Cards. Embrace their modern appeal, versatility, and convenient portability as you showcase your brand with style and elegance. Elevate your networking game and ensure your contact information is always within reach, ready to capture opportunities and forge valuable connections. Get your small business cards printed online with Zoom Printing for best quality and faster turnaround. Our main goal is to meet or exceed your expectations.

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