Custom Stickers & Label Printing

At Zoom Printing we have many stock and finishing options available with our roll labels and vinyl sticker printing services. For our large format stickers, we have wall decals which are easily removable without leaving any damage. We also carry clear vinyl stickers, perforated vinyl, Clings, window graphics and much more.

For our roll labels, we have stocks for every situation or condition from standard adhesive paper to heavy duty poly labels which are great for chemical use and very strong for any rough condition.

Choose from an array of sizes including square, rectangle, oval, round, and custom sizes for your Stickers and Labels.

Our roll labels and stickers come in various materials to suit different applications:

  • Permanent Adhesive Paper:

    • Ideal for general-purpose labelling applications.
    • Features a strong adhesive that ensures long-lasting adherence to various surfaces.
    • Suitable for a wide range of industries and uses.
  • Clear Label Stickers:

    • Provides a transparent background, allowing for a seamless and professional look.
    • Perfect for labelling products or packaging where you want the label to blend with the surface.
  • White Poly Label Stickers:

    • Made from white polyethylene material, offering durability and resistance to moisture.
    • Well-suited for outdoor applications and products that may encounter challenging environmental conditions.
  • Silver Poly Label Stickers:

    • Adds a metallic and premium touch to your labels.
    • Offers a unique and eye-catching appearance, suitable for products that require a distinctive look.
  • Removable Label Stickers:

    • Features a removable adhesive that allows for easy repositioning or removal without leaving residue.
    • Ideal for temporary labelling needs or situations where you may need to update or change labels frequently.
  • Custom Sizes Available:

    • Tailored to your specific dimensions, providing a personalized solution for your unique labelling requirements.
    • Allows for flexibility and creativity in design and application.

Specialty Finishes: Enhance the visual appeal and durability of your labels &  Stickers with our specialty finishes:

  • Gloss Lamination
  • Matte Lamination
  • Custom finishes tailored to your specific requirements

At Zoom Printing, we understand that every project is unique. That's why we offer an extensive selection of stock and finishing options. For our large format stickers, explore our wall decals that can be easily removed without causing any damage. Our clear vinyl stickers, perforated vinyl, clings, and window graphics provide versatile solutions for various applications.

When it comes to roll labels, we've got you covered for every situation and condition. Our stocks range from standard adhesive paper to heavy-duty poly labels, making them ideal for chemical use and resilient in rough conditions.

Trust Zoom Printing to deliver not only a wide range of options but also superior quality in both materials and finishes. Elevate your branding and messaging with our customizable roll labels and vinyl stickers that leave a lasting impression.

All large format vinyl sticker and custom roll labels are printed in our Toronto facility and shipped for free all across Canada including Montreal, Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa.