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Product Types: 95 bright 14pt C2S Premium Bookmark Printing Card Stock With AQ Semi-Gloss, 16pt UV High Gloss or 16pt Matte Coating. Free shipping on all bookmark orders, please use promo code "shipping" at the shopping cart
Colour : Printed full color 2 sided (4/4) CMYK
Quantities : Range from 100 to 20,000
Finished size available: 2"x8" or any other custom size.
Turnaround: 2-4 Business Days (See FAQ for Turnaround)
Finishing: Cut to size and box
Quality: 2400 DPI, 300 LPI
Accepted File Type: PDF

The cutoff time is 11:00 (AM) Eastern Standard Time

Introducing Custom Laminated Bookmarks: Your Unique Mark of Distinction

Imagine capturing the essence of your brand, your story, or your message within the confines of a simple yet elegant bookmark. At 2x8, or any size you envision, our custom laminated bookmarks offer an exquisite canvas to showcase your creativity, cater to your specific needs, and transcend the boundaries of conventional marketing.

Unveiling Endless Possibilities

Dive into the realm of bookmark printing, an artful and cost-effective way to amplify your promotional endeavors. Our bookmarks are brought to life through offset printing, a process that unleashes vibrant full-color visuals onto two different cardstocks: the sturdy 14pt and the more substantial 16pt. This fusion of premium quality materials and masterful printing technology results in a tangible masterpiece that leaves an indelible mark.

Beyond the Bookmark: A Multi-Purpose Marvel

Step into the world of versatility with custom bookmarks that serve as more than just placeholders. These bookmarks metamorphose into powerful marketing tools that catch attention and linger in the hands of your audience. Their aesthetic allure, combined with your carefully crafted content, transforms them into unforgettable keepsakes and gifts.

An Artistic Expression of Your Brand

Our custom bookmarks go beyond mere utility. They become a canvas for your brand's narrative, embodying your ethos and values in a tangible form. Whether it's a succinct slogan, a captivating image, or a snippet of your company's history, these bookmarks encapsulate the essence of your brand, inviting readers to connect with your story on a deeper level.

Size as Unique as Your Ideas

While the standard 2"x8" size is a timeless classic, we understand that creativity knows no bounds. Hence, our custom bookmarks come in a variety of sizes, ensuring that your vision is not confined by convention. This flexibility allows your brand to stand out even further, transcending the ordinary and creating an impression that's as unique as your imagination.

Embrace the Remarkable

Elevate your promotional strategies with custom laminated bookmarks that bridge the gap between practicality and artistry. These bookmarks serve as tangible, captivating representations of your brand, making them ideal for giveaways, events, and marketing campaigns. With each page they hold, each reader they engage, they become ambassadors of your message, leaving a lasting imprint on hearts and minds.

Infinite Stories, One Canvas

The story of your brand deserves to be told in every way possible. With custom laminated bookmarks, your narrative becomes a cherished companion, an adornment in books, a conversation starter, and a marketing tool that knows no bounds. From capturing attention to stirring emotions, these bookmarks etch your presence in the most delightful and unexpected corners of people's lives.

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