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Product Types: 18pt Silk Matte Laminated Spot UV Business Cards or 16pt Matte Spot UV (Not Silk Laminated) or 19pt Soft Touch Suede Business Cards with Lamination + Spot UV. Highest Quality Spot Gloss Business Cards. Add round corners to cart as extra finish (only available with standart size 3.5x2). Free shipping on all Spot UV orders, please use promo code "shipping" at the shopping cart
Color:   2 sided (4/4) CMYK
Quantities: Ranges from 500 to 10,000
Finished size available: 3.5"x2", 1.5"x7", 2"x8", 2.5"x2.5", 3"x4",4"x4", 4"x6", 4"x9",4.25"x11", 4.25"x2.75", 4.25"x5.5", 5"x7", 6"x11", 6"x9", 8"x5", 8.5"x3.5", 8.5"x5.5".
Finishing: Cut to size and box.
Quality: 2400 DPI, 300 LPI
Turnaround: 4-5 Business Days (See FAQ for Turnaround). For Round Corners it's extra 1 business day
Accepted File Type: PDF
File Format: To print Spot UV business cards you would have to submit 2 files for each side. The first file "base" would be your regular design file as it would have been in any other case. The 2nd file "UV mask" is a black/white file. The BLACK color will indicate the areas that will be covered with the UV high gloss finish. To upload the files, please combine front design and front mask file in one PDF file and same for the back or put all 4 sides in one PDF file.


Cutoff time is 11:00 (AM) Eastern Standard Time

Make a lasting impression with our Spot UV Cards, the perfect choice for business cards or short promotional pieces with Post Cards.  These cards combine premium card stocks with the eye-catching appeal of Spot UV coating, creating a stunning contrast that highlights specific design elements. Choose from standard business card size 3.5x2 for an impactful introduction, or opt for slightly larger Postcard sizes of 4x6 and 5x7 to showcase more information or imagery.


  1. 16pt Matte + Spot UV Cards:

  • Elegant Matte Finish: The 16pt Matte card stock offers a smooth and non-glossy finish, creating a sophisticated look and feel for your business cards. The matte texture adds a touch of refinement, making them ideal for businesses aiming for a modern and understated aesthetic.
  • Striking Spot UV Coating: The Spot UV coating technique allows you to apply a glossy and raised layer to selected areas of your design, creating an eye-catching contrast. The combination of matte and glossy elements adds visual interest and draws attention to specific details, such as logos, text, or intricate patterns.
  1. 18pt Matte Laminated + Spot UV Cards:

  • Durability and Elegance: The 18pt Matte Laminated card stock offers both a luxurious feel and enhanced durability. The matte lamination provides a velvety texture and protects the cards from wear and tear, ensuring they retain their pristine appearance.
  • Captivating Spot UV Coating: The Spot UV coating on the matte laminated surface creates an alluring contrast, making your selected elements shine with a glossy, raised effect. The combination of the matte laminate and the glossy spot UV coating adds depth and visual intrigue, leaving a lasting impression.
  1. 19pt Suede with Lamination + Spot UV Cards:

  • Unique Suede Texture: The 19pt Suede card stock offers a distinctive suede-like texture that exudes elegance and sophistication. The soft and tactile surface adds a luxurious element to your business cards, making them truly stand out.
  • Striking Spot UV Coating: The Spot UV coating, applied to the suede texture, creates a fascinating juxtaposition of gloss and softness. The glossy raised areas create an eye-catching contrast against the suede background, adding depth and visual appeal to your designs.

All Options Feature:

  • Precise and Detailed Spot UV Application: Our advanced printing technology ensures precise and accurate Spot UV application, allowing you to highlight intricate patterns, logos, or text with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Unforgettable Visual Impact: The combination of premium card stocks, matte or suede finishes, and the glossy accents of Spot UV coating creates a business card that is visually striking and memorable.

Make a bold statement, whether you choose the 16pt Matte + Spot UV, 18pt Matte Laminated + Spot UV, or 19pt Suede with Lamination + Spot UV, these cards are designed to leave a lasting impression. Elevate your brand with the captivating contrast of matte or suede textures and the glossy allure of Spot UV coating. Stand out from the competition and make a memorable impact with these remarkable business cards. Operating from Zoom Printing Montreal & Toronto locations, we facilitate printing services across Canada & the USA, handling orders of any size and quantity.

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