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Product Types: Special Smooth 32pt Silk Matte Laminated Business Cards. Customize and add to cart finishing options to create your distinguishing business cards design (Foil, Emboss, Deboss, Die Cut, Colored Edges Business Cards). Free shipping on all 32pt Laminated Cards order.
Color: Printed full color 1 side (4/0) or 2 sided (4/4) CMYK
Quantities: Ranges from 250 to 1,000
Finished size available: 3.5"x2"
Finishing: Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Die-Cutting (Custom Shapes). Cut to size and box.
Quality: 2400 DPI, 300 LPI
Turnaround: 10 Business Days Printing (See FAQ for Turnaround). Turnaround does not include extra finishing like Embossing, Debossing, Die Cut, Colored Edges, Foil, and Round Corners. They will take additional few business days to complete depend on the finishing selected.
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Cutoff time is 11:00 (AM) Eastern Standard Time

Ultra Thick Matte Laminated Business Cards

Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of sophistication with our 32pt Matte Laminated Business Cards. Crafted with precision, these cards offer a tactile experience of luxury, featuring ultra-thick stock and offset printing that sets a new standard in quality. The non-reflective plastic laminate provides a smooth, silken finish, available on one or both sides. Elevate your brand with understated elegance and make a lasting impact on clients.

32pt Matte Laminated + 1 Foil Color: Choose a single foil color to accentuate key elements, creating a striking contrast against the matte background. This option combines the luxurious thickness of the card with the added sophistication of foil detailing, ensuring your brand stands out with subtlety and style.

32pt Matte Laminated + 2 Foil Colors: This option allows for a dynamic interplay of metallic hues, providing a visually stunning and memorable impression. The ultra-thick stock, combined with the richness of two foil colors, communicates a level of sophistication and attention to detail that leaves a lasting mark.

32pt Matte Laminated + Colored Edges: Elevate the overall aesthetic with a pop of color around the edges, creating a seamless blend with the matte laminated surface. This choice not only reinforces the thickness of the card but also adds a unique visual element that enhances your brand's distinctiveness.

32pt Matte Laminated + Deboss: This option adds a tactile dimension by pressing your logo or design into the card, creating a subtle yet impactful texture. The combination of the ultra-thick matte laminated card stock and debossing elevates your business cards to new heights of sophistication.

32pt Matte Laminated + Die Cut: Explore innovative and unique shapes that transcend conventional designs, adding a touch of creativity to your brand presentation. The combination of the ultra-thick card stock and the freedom of die-cutting allows your business cards to become a distinctive representation of your brand's identity.

32pt Matte Laminated + Embossing:

Embrace elegance with our 32pt Matte Laminated Business Cards featuring embossing.  The combination of the ultra-thick matte laminated card stock and embossing adds a layer of sophistication that communicates your brand's commitment to quality.

32pt Matte Laminated + Round Corners: This option softens the edges, creating a contemporary and stylish appearance. The ultra-thick card stock, combined with rounded corners, strikes a balance between classic and modern design, ensuring your brand remains timeless and visually appealing.

Make a lasting impression with our diverse range of 32pt Matte Laminated Business Cards, each offering a distinctive blend of sophistication and creativity.

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